Youth Ministry


Ecclesiastes 12:1 – “Remember your Creator in the days of your youth.”

Our Youth Ministry is working towards bringing young people and young adults closer to Jesus Christ by helping them in acknowledge God’s saving power in their lives as the Word of God.

In this modern and secular society, the young generation faces a whole new set of challenges and temptations. More young people are growing with little or no Christian influence and therefore only a few have any thought of eternity. They tend to live for today and do what is right according to their own beliefs. This tends to be an extremely dangerous situation for them to be in as the bible reminds us in Mark 8:36 – ‘For what shall it profit a man if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?’ Due to influences such as celebrity culture, young people are faced with much pressure to look, act and behave in a certain way which often leads to them having feelings of failure, inadequacy and depression.

We as a Church pray earnestly that the Holy Spirit will soften the hearts of the young generation so that they may come to know and accept Jesus as their own personal Lord and Saviour  and also do what we can as a Church to attract them toward the Word of God and to lead a holy life.


Youth Ministry brings the opportunity for Youths to come together and spend time singing, worshipping, studying the Word of God and praying together on a regular basis. During the first Saturday of every month, the Church has Youth meetings where there are fun and spiritual activities conducted by the young adults. The activities include:

  • Teaching From the Word Of God
  • Games And Team Building Activities
  • Bible Quiz
  • Song Quiz
  • Elocution
  • Worship and Music
  • Motivational Messages
  • Testimonies
  • Debates
  • Drama and Skit


The Church aims to organise annual Youth Camps where young people can spend time bonding and having fun with each other through games and team activities along with spiritual fellowship. Youth mentors and leaders of our Church help the youth by guiding, organising activities and helping the young adults to execute the activities. Pastoral care and guidance to the youth is provided by both our Pastors by influencing and correcting them based on the Biblical principles.

We as a Church have faith that the Youth Ministry is an integral part of our Church ministry as it is important to help disciple youngsters in the Church, equipping them to be true Christians according to the standards of the Bible whilst also providing for them a safe space to relax, open-up and have fun together.  The Youth Ministry focuses on overall development of the youth by conducting personal counselling sessions to provide guidance on matters outside Church activities. It can be seen that this  has made a significant positive change in their life as youngsters are tending to open up and relax more whilst learning about Jesus.