Our History

Holmcroft Church began its journey of faith in Bromley in 1984 when two families, the Wallis’ and the Adams’ met together in David Wallis’ front room on a Sunday morning having no spiritual home to call their own. It was the coming together of these two families in the will of God that produced what today is Holmcroft Church being a Pentecostal Assembly that was in Fellowship with Assemblies of God, under the Pioneer leadership of Pastors Barry Adams. The time came for a move because of the growth of the fellowship from a front room to a village hall and then to a purpose built church off of Bromley Common which today has its own testimony of Gods’ miraculous provision.
As the church grew with salvations and testimonies of God’s grace Pastor Barry began to sense that God wanted to do more for the church as a fellowship and so the Lord began to lay upon his heart a vision to begin praying that the congregation would become more multicultural. One Sunday morning in 2015 an Indian family with their two children came to the church. We later discovered that the Lord had led them to us by confirming this in a remarkable way. So began the move forward into the beginning of the vision when another Indian family and their three children joined us.
Holmcroft Malayalam Pentecostal Church(HMPC) thus started in early 2018 as a cottage meeting in a house in Beckenham and then started the church service in September 2018 at Holmcroft Church, under God’s guidance where we worship the Lord in one unity as a family. Even though the numbers were small to begin with, the Church has grown over time by God’s grace. Today HMPC is a thriving Malayalam speaking congregation with services that are translated into English. There are cottage prayer meetings, Sunday junior church and other various ministries for all ages from young to old